Colours of Humanity Art Gallery – January 2020


Colors of Humanity Art Gallery was created to help artists gain exposure and further their careers by providing online, juried art shows. In so doing, artists can gain experience in competitions, increase much needed international exposure and recognition, boost their resumes, and have an opportunity to win prize money.

For the ‘Open’ Show, 74 entries were accepted from 11 countries, in a variety of styles and mediums.

The judging criterion was: originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium.

For this exhibition I decided to submit two pieces, the first being a piece called ‘Refuge’ from my Refuge Collection as can be seen below.


The second piece I submitted is called ‘Cut’ – below.


‘Refuge’ was awarded First Place while ‘Cut’ was also chosen for inclusion.

Please feel free to view the full collection by clicking here.

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