Corrie van der Wath was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. From early in his life, he felt powerfully driven to understand the human condition and how we create our internal conceptual world.

Engaging in artistic expression is the most creative, fulfilling and intensely addictive endeavour that I can imagine!  Art allows me to develop perspective between the world of absolute reality and the world created in my mind – my ‘map’. Our inner world allows us to romanticise life amidst harsh realities, creating our unique story.  Triggered by events that have a profound impact on me, my art is an interpretation of how these events influence my inner world.  I hope to inspire quiet self-expression, self-fulfilment and finding your own inner meaning – a journey that seeks to invite, rather than to guide. 

Through my art, I wish for people to experience the richness of what is possible and realise that everything can be reframed. A negative mind will never result in a beautiful life!

My images are influenced by impressionism, and created by manipulating oils, acrylics and ink through splashing, painting, spraying and flowing.”

Corrie’s passion for collecting art since the late 1990’s spurred the desire in 2005 to undertake art as a hobby for self-expression and relaxation. His fulfilling journey evolved significantly in 2019 when he commenced mentorship under Dr Elfriede Dreyer, Professor Extraordinarius at UNISA (University of South Africa). This introduction to the broader spectrum of art concepts and history created the opportunity for Corrie to express himself and share concepts he has experienced in the world of business, engineering, people development and psychology, in which he also holds formal qualifications. The artist believes that life is best understood by living, experiencing, and deeply understanding it.

During 2020, Corrie has been recognised in various international competitions, notably as 3rd Edition Winner (Biafarin Prize) in the Prisma International Art competition and First Place in the “Open” Show, Colours of Art Humanity Gallery.

Corrie currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he is inspired by the city’s cultural diversity, business buzz and political rivalry.  Experiencing South Africa as a young and great nation giving birth to a new identity, Corrie continuously engages with its story.

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